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Membership brings you access to information, networking, and education opportunities.  We find this essential to all individuals and businesses that want to be successful in real estate investing.  Membership is beneficial to both part-time and full-time investors, even if you are a beginner or advanced.


Need a Mentor?

Real estate investing is a team sport.  Education and guidance is crucial if you want to succeed and thrive.  Over the past 10+ years the LIREIA mentoring program has been able to teach over 200 investors how to start and / or grow their real estate portfolios.  Fourteen students have even quit their full time job and now are full time investors!


What People Are Saying About Us

Excellent environment to learn Real estate investing without any pressure. Friendly and professional staff that meets your personal needs whichever level you are at. Hands down the best place in the tristate area for investors especially if you are new and need to put your real estate investment puzzle together. It’s worth every second of your time and educational investment.


Went to a meeting last night and it was great atmosphere full of knowledge being passed around. I was impressed so my wife and I joined today. I can already tell it will be awesome to be around like minded people!

-Dev Shafeek

What a warm welcome! As someone who is very new to real estate investing is was refreshing and enlightening to be part of a meeting with LIREIA. Melissa Shea (President) has a very down to earth approach and truly wants to help you succeed. I give LIREIA two thumbs up.

-Michael Bocian

Forget all the gurus out there. LIREIA provides the best education and action plan development for you and your business in real estate.

-Jude Walsh

Tonight’s meeting was great, very informative and interesting. Melissa Shea was great!! I’m looking forward to see what’s in the future.

-Mark Arroyo

Had a wonderful experience at LIREIA meetings. If you are looking to invest or just curious as to what possibilities are out there on Long Island then this is the place to go and the people to know!

-Shania Harry

My wife and I have gone to many different meetups pertaining to this field but always leave disappointed as we did not learn anything new though there was plenty of hype of new information then hit you with a price tag later. With LIREIA and the event we attended last night, for the first time, both my wife and I felt as we learned something. Not only did we learn but we were with other like minded individuals that want to succeed and do things the right way. Melissa and her team are full of positive energy and you will from the start feel the passion they have when they help and educate you and even give you advise based on their experiences. I highly recommend and challenge those that want to bring their own business to the next level to attend the next meetup and see for yourself on how it will help you grow

-Esaul Caraballo

Great place to be. Awesome information sharing and networking opportunities.

-Mutiu Babatunde

Very honest and helpful. I will definitely come back to see Melissa and her staff. They are very experienced in what they do. Can’t wait to learn more from them.

-Julio Fragosa

The BRRRR training far exceeded my educational goal for today. There was an active and informative group of students attending this class, the instructor was excellent and I look forward to joining with them as a new LIREIA Member soon.

-Robert Rousseau

Prior to joining the LIREIA, I very sadly & regrettably paid $30,000 for a national R.E. investment program that promised much and delivered absolutely nothing!!! For a fraction of the cost, I joined the LIREIA approximately 2 years ago and have had some amazing success. I can't express enough the value of the education I have received as a LIREIA member! I would highly recommend this organization to anyone who is serious about investing in real estate. This is a great place to interact and network with like-minded people who will be instrumental in encouraging you in achieving your R.E. investment goals!

-Lolita Mitchner

Melissa is Awesome. Staff is excellent. It’s always a great learning experience and incredibly knowledgeable education full of networking, resources, and opportunities to invest.

-William Ardolino

LIREIA is a phenomenal organization. I went to the mentor orientation and was amazed at the level of professionalism and the relevant information that can be utilized to be successful as a real estate investor right away! Melissa shows to be a lead by example mentor and there are people that I met who are already genuinely benefiting from the mentor program.

-Gordon Chrichlow

Melissa is a wealth of knowledge relating to Real Estate Investing. She is particularly effective in structuring and financing deals. The meetings, seminars and apprentice programs are packed with information from experienced speakers. In addition, all these events are great sources of networking opportunities.

-Ed Fitzmaurice

This is a very welcoming association of knowledgeable and experienced people. They put much time and energy into this association and are dedicated in their goal of assisting individuals and groups in real estate investing. They are very knowledgeable and forthcoming in their investing experiences, both positive and negative experiences. A very useful resource.

-Peter Ryan

LIREIA has a genuine way of making everyone feel welcome, from the investors just beginning to the very experienced well established investor. Melissa has created an environment where members are able to learn together, invest together, grow together, and succeed together. I am excited to have joined this association where I don't feel like just a student, but also a teammate. The sincere, humble, and inviting ambiance is unparalleled by any professional organization have I been part of in the past. I look forward to continuing earning, learning, and investing as part of this group.

-Meagan Slotnick

My membership in LIREIA has been a tremendous experience since joining the group. Having the opportunity to network with a group of awesome individuals at the general meetings, the monthly workshops and through the Mentoring Masterminds program, I have learned so much and it has strengthened my resolve to really want to succeed in real estate investing. Thanks to Melissa Shea for her support and guidance, I have taken the necessary action steps to achieve great success in such a short period of time that I didn’t think was possible. The whole experience has been terrific for me and I highly recommend others to join us going forward.

-Mike Lillo

I always recommend this organization to anyone who interested getting into the real estate investing business. The education and member participation are second to none. You will not be disappointed.

-Paul Falbo

Attended my first LIREIA meeting recently and was pleasantly surprised. The speakers were great and offered such valuable information. We were able to make a few connections already. Looking forward to more meetings and networking!

-Carolyn Patterson

I joined in January 2017 and have gained a wealth of knowledge from this organization. Meetings are very informative and everyone is willing to share ideas and help new investors. Highly recommend!

-Gary Marcus



Had such a great time...met lots of prospective business opportunities including chatting directly with the president of the club Melissa Shea who gave me her undivided attention. I would definitely recommend joining if you are interested in succeeding in the real estate investing business

-Wadson Miranda

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Monthly Networking Event

LIREIA holds its general meeting every 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Great place to network with others who are also interested in real estate investing.  Meeting is structured for both new and experienced investors.

Monthly Workshop

Every month we pick a different real estate related subject and focus on strategies to implement.  Past workshops have included rehab, inspections, multi-family investing, out of state investing and many more!!

Resources and Deals

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Lending for investors by investors.  A better way to fund your current deals

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We are part of the EXIT realty franchise.  Come join us and be a part of our growing company

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We are dedicated to helping you succeed in your investment ventures.  We aim to help you as much or as little you need.  If you succeed then we succeed!!


We understand the need for placing investors on the right path.  We aim to help all investors reach their end goals of financial independence.


You don't have to do this alone.  We can help you feel comfortable with our team of experienced investors.  Eliminate the analysis paralysis and get into a deal that suits you best.

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Here at LIREIA, we focus on providing an interactive investing experience.  We can help you on your real estate journey no matter your experience. Our goal is to see you succeed and enjoy financial independence.  Escape the grind and invest in yourself.

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