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The Team

Where the Passion Begins

Melissa Shea

Melissa Shea


Mike Mullholland

REal Masterminds Coach, Real Estate Market Analyst

Mike Mulholland
Patricia Bauer

Patricia Bauer

REal Masterminds Coach

Manny Rivera

Director Of Funding

John Shea

John Shea

Multi-Media Director

Bobby Paterson

Multi-Media, Member Services, Sales

Bobby Paterson

The Long Island Real Estate Investors Association (LIREIA) is committed to building a strong and active membership by providing the education, resources, opportunities and the network needed to empower and educate families to obtain financial independence through real estate investing. 


Our monthly meetings provide members and guests with an interactive experience to learn and network with a myriad of smart and warm professionals to engage in interactive and friendly discussions of current trends and changes that they may be experiencing in the current market. 


As a member of the LIREIA, you will have an opportunity to become active in the world of real estate investing and in growing your business. 


LIREIA focuses on maintaining a championship organization that serves its membership with a platform for quality individuals who are willing to share in their successes and learning experiences along the way to building wealth. We understand that in business and in life, you can’t do it by yourself.


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