What is LIREIA?

Long Island Real Estate Investment Association


The Long Island Real Estate Investment Association (LIREIA) is committed to building a strong, active membership by providing the resources, skills, and quality education needed to succeed in any real estate market. As a member of the Long Island Real Estate Investment Association (LIREIA) you will have an opportunity to become ACTIVE in the world of real estate investing, and in business.

LIREIA is committed to giving our members four key services:

  1. Quality education from experienced real estate professionals
  2. Multiple networking opportunities
  3. Access to professionals such as attorneys, CPA’s, Realtors, title companies etc.
  4. Opportunities to invest in real estate transactions

As an organization we focus on serving our members and assisting them each step of their real estate investing career. From beginner to experienced we are committed to helping get to the next level both personally and professionally. We understand that in business and in life, you can’t do it by yourself.

Our monthly General Meetings provide members and guests with an interactive experience to learn, network, analyze real deals, overcome challenges, participate in opportunities and discuss changes they may be seeing out in the in the real estate investing field.

Are you ready to be part of the LIREIA EXPERIENCE?

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