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You Don’t Have to be a Real Estate Agent to Invest in Real Estate

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” – Derek Bok (American lawyer and educator, and the former president of Harvard University)

Education is highly essential if you want to excel in any field. You cannot just venture into something without having any knowledge about it and hope to succeed. For example, you cannot become a pro in medicine or law without being educated in the domain. Same goes for Real Estate Investing (REI); except that in this field, you can earn while you learn.

In a REI project, you have to go through several procedures, such as marketing, talking with sellers, estimating repair costs, structuring a deal, negotiating with homeowners and banks, finding funding (or plan how to use your own capital effectively), rehabbing the property, and finally selling it. At Long Island Real Estate Investors Association (LIREIA), we don’t leave you to go through all these procedures alone. We organize general meetings and workshops where issues are discussed among members and the best solutions are envisaged.

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